How To Choose Ideal Paintings for Your Home

The best range of paintings for sale and the easiest way to buy paintings online is with an Art Insitu service provided by online art gallery art to art.


Art Insitu allows you to cleverly see for yourself (with the aid of computer graphics) what art will look like in your home. You can compare pieces and even ask for suggestions from the Art to Art team. It’s a free service provided by Art to Art driven by the desire to have every customer be one hundred per cent confident with every choice.

Says Art to Art curator Philippa Demase, “Whether you are new to art or adding to your collection, our strength is in helping you find the right piece for you.”

“So many people don’t buy original paintings or art because they aren’t confident in choosing. So they end up at Ikea or Target buying plain generic pieces that they throw out a few years later. It’s such a waste of time and money.”

There is no doubt that beauty and aesthetics can have a profound impact on our mood. We purchase travel memento’s to trigger happy memories, take photographs and share them with our friends, start all kinds of collections (stamps, feathers, stones, books, thimbles, frogs…) because they hold some meaning to our lives which only we can explain.

Here are some quotes to help explain the magical place art holds in our lives:

Philosopher and myth expert Joseph Campbell said, “The object becomes aesthetically significant when it becomes metaphysically significant.”

Rainer Maria Rilke sums up the metaphysical with her quote, “The only journey is the one within.”

Francis Bacon states, “The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery.”

Pablo Picasso then takes it a step further when he says, “You don’t make art, you find it.”

Perhaps it is this mystery of life and the quest to understand it that we feel when we consider a great painting or work of art. For you, the aesthetics transcend time and place in a way that only you completely understand. That is the joy of being an individual with your own unique tastes and experiences. If you aren’t yet sure on what kind of art is best for your individual tastes, then the Art Insitu service helps you to discover it.

Says Philippa, “When you choose art from the heart then you can’t go wrong. Finding a painting for your home that represents YOU is a very freeing experience and one that is fun to share. Even if you move home or redecorate your existing home, if you have purchased a painting or art work because you love it, then you will always find a spot for it.”


From a practical point of view, creating an art collection can be a financially sensible decision. Property appreciates in value every seven years. Likewise a well chosen art collection is an investment that can also appreciate. The good news is that with a service like the one provided by Art to Art, you don’t have to be an art critic to be able to choose the right pieces. Art to Art have analysed the growth potential of all their Australian and Indigenous artists and select works that represent smart buying in today’s market.

Finding one quality place to buy paintings online has been a challenge that is now solved with Art to Art online gallery. Here you can confidently find art and paintings for sale from emerging and reputable Australian artists, knowing that each piece is selected with care for authenticity and originality.


Original Vintage Posters from Australia’s Best Vintage Posters Gallery | Arttoart

One of the latest interior must haves are limited edition original vintage posters. Australia has definitely fallen for these chic, humorous and cosmopolitan iconic advertising posters. Online art gallery Art to Art is the best source of original vintage posters Australia wide and has a large collection available for a modest investment.


Vintage posters have a significant place in art history

The first modern posters were produced in the 1870’s when colour lithography allowed mass production. Advertising posters soon grew as a source of revenue for aspiring artists looking for steady income. By the 1890’s the technique was popular throughout Europe and poster art became well established, particularly in France, with the first major exhibition of poster art held in Paris in 1884.

Posters are arguably the first place that a provocative feminine image was used as an advertising ploy, therefore conceiving art as being of service to advertising. The streets of Paris in effect became public art galleries and everyone had their favourite poster artist.

Famous Vintage Poster Artists

The French graphic artist Bernard Villemot (1911-1989) developed iconic advertising images highly influenced by photography and Art Deco. He used sharp artistic vision, simple elegant lines and bold colours. By his death he was known as one of the last great poster artists and his works for Bally shoes, Contrex, Perrier and Orangina are still sought by collectors and art deco lovers.

Another French artist Jean Colin (1912-1982) first became known for social propaganda and cinema posters. From 1950 he produced advertising posters for Cinzano, Kiwi shoe polish, Marchal, Shell and many others. His works were well awarded for their humour and harmonious colouring and have a rightful place in any art collection.

Italian born Leonetto Cappiello (1875-1942) established his career in Paris as a caricaturist. He had no formal art training but produced more than 530 advertising posters throughout his career for clients like Cinzano, Campari, Maurin Quina, Pates Baroni Pasta, and La Victoria Coffee. He was the first poster artist to use bold figures which popped from black backgrounds and is often referred to as the father of modern innovative advertising.

Yet with so many cheaper copies now available why buy the original?

Well exhibited artist and art lecturer Anselm van Rood believes buying a copy is like choosing junk food over whole food. “As an artist, I spend my days striving to arrive at exactly the precise colour and colour-relationship of my vision.” He says copies are guaranteed to fade and reproductions cannot compare to the original in colour quality. Ultimately your pleasure will be short lived and your money wasted. “A postcard or poster of Van Gough will never compare to an original.”


An original vintage poster has an established market, making the purchase an investment that will appreciate in value. Once a cheap copy fades it will either end up in an Op shop or at the tip.

Vintage Posters as gifts

With an accessible price range of $500-$5,000 an original vintage poster makes a perfect group gift for a house warming, engagement or wedding present. Many vintage posters have a masculine flavour making them an ideal gift for the special man in your life. Art to Art provides an Art Insitu service that assists you to select the perfect vintage poster. “Australia loves original art”, says curator Philippa Demase. “We sell original vintage posters Australia wide and provide a money back satisfaction guarantee to ensure you will be completely happy with your purchase, we really want acquiring art to be exciting and accessible to all.”

Indigenous Art – New Art Movement In The World Today

Prior to 2008 no Aboriginal indigenous art painting had sold for more than $800,000. Then in May 2008 Emily Kame Kngwarreye’s Earth Creation fetched $1.056 million at auction. From there records continued to be made and Aboriginal Art has now gained immense popularity in Europe and the US. However art investors can still buy Australian indigenous art and find collectable artists in the $5,000 – $10,000 range from reputable online galleries such as Art to Art.

Indigenous art

According to Aboriginal belief, all life – Human, Animal, Bird and Fish is part of one vast unchanging network of relationships which can be traced to the Great Spirit ancestors of the Dreamtime.

Each artist has a Dreamtime custodianship which maps the Australian continent, connecting Aboriginal people to each other and to the land. All Aboriginal paintings have an underlying narrative based on mythological creation stories referred to as Dreaming’s (or a Dreaming in the singular). Yam Dreaming, Possum Dreaming, Rain Dreaming, and Fire Dreaming are all stories that describe how things came to be as they are today at specific places in the landscape.

“This is the significance of Aboriginal paintings they are, each and every one, an act of storytelling, which renews the world and reaffirms the power of traditional culture.” – Paddy Carroll Tjungurrayi

Early works were mostly done by men (but also some women), and used traditional symbols such as concentric circles, animal tracks and heavy dotted forms. Then by the 1990s, women such as Kngwarreye broke away from this stylistic precedent with bold acrylic paintings that forever broadening the definition of Aboriginal painting.

Acrylic paintings serve as a new form to tell the story of Aboriginal life. They represent a new context of interaction between indigenous and western societies. Through modern art the Aboriginal people are able to introduce and express their culture to the world.

Kudditji Kngwarreye (pronounced Kubbitji) is the brother of the late Emily Kame Kngwarreye. As an Anmatyerre Elder and custodian of many important Dreaming stories, his paintings accentuate the colour and form of the earth, landscape, sky and summer heat of his country and show the iconography of his ancestral totem, the Emu and emu waterholes and male ceremonial sites. In January 2007, Kudditji was included in the list of Australia’s 50 most collectible artists and declared one of the top 10 most collectible Aboriginal artists, based on future price growth potential.

Minnie Pwerle is one of Australia’s best known Indigenous artists. Her commercial art career began in her late 80’s (only ten years before her death), when she began painting bold and deeply mesmerising depictions of her Bush Melon Dreaming. She uses circular shapes to symbolise bush melon, bush tomato, northern wild orange and other bushfood. Another body of work uses free-flowing and parallel lines in a pendulous outline to depict the body painting designs used in women’s ceremonies. Minnie’s art is displayed in many public collections at National and State Art Galleries across Australia and formed the basis for a series of designer rugs.

Both Kudditji Kngwarreye and Minnie Pwerle have substantial bodies of collectable works. These are other collectable works by Indigenous artists are now available from online galleries like Art to Art.

Aboriginal art for sale

“I think they [the Australian aborigines] are more appreciative of people learning about their culture through the artwork.” Franchesca Cubillo, Curator Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory in Darwin, Australia.

Ultimately art is to be enjoyed and appreciated. You can buy Australian indigenous art for that purpose or you collect indigenous art as an investment. Start with one piece that you love and go from there.

Buy Artwork Online from Best Artwork Galleries in Australia

Following a global trend in consumer shopping habits, you can now select and buy artwork online Australia wide, rather than from a shop front gallery or an auction house. With overseas shipping and handling costs being expensive and the high risk of damage, it is natural for consumers to seek out original artwork online Australia first before looking overseas. The plethora of Australian talent to choose from ensures you will find a home grown work you will connect with and love.


For the art lover or collector, it is getting harder to find works in the traditional retail settings. In May 2013 The Herald Sun reported that up to 30% of art galleries in Melbourne have closed down during the past two years with other capitals including Sydney, Perth and Adelaide also affected.

However in contrast online spending continues to rise. The NAB reported in the August 2013 monthly update that in the year to August 2013, Australians spent $14.2 billion on online retail. Roy Morgan research published in June 2013 points to a 12 per cent growth in online retail in the past year, with 50.3 per cent of Australian’s now shopping online in the three months before (March-June 2013).

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) in its research report: ‘E-commerce marketplace in Australia: Online Shopping’ revealed that the majority of online shoppers continue to buy from Australian websites, citing support of local industries as the leading reason. Those with incomes of over $150,000 were more likely to shop online. Convenience and price were identified as the main reasons for online shopping.

In 2004 conceived the phrase ‘Curated Consumption’. In an online world the amount of choice available, while convenient can be overwhelming. For this reason the trend is for consumers to seek experts to curate the world for them; in effect to identify the very best of what is available in a segment and present a curated range for to them to choose from in an accessible online platform.

Online Art Galleries are a perfect example of curated consumption. New York based Manhattan gallery owner Jen Bekman launched an online site for limited-edition prints in September 2007 which shipped more than 40,000 prints in its first year. Website filters over 500 characteristics to create a powerful search experience for uses to select works from leading galleries, museums and private collections around the world.


In Australia, online art gallery Art to Art is leading the market with the opportunity to buy artwork online Australia wide from a diverse selection of renowned and emerging Australian artists. Art to Art purposefully selects art works that utilise a variety of mediums to cater for an eclectic range of tastes. Art to Art curator Philippa Demase says, “Our strength is in finding the right piece for you and making it easy for you to choose. With our exclusive Art Insitu service you can provide us with a photo of your room and then see how any of our art works will look in your space without spending a cent.”

Online shopping is definitely here to stay and the opportunities to secure artwork online Australia wide from reputable and original artists is an exciting one.