Buy Artwork Online from Best Artwork Galleries in Australia

Following a global trend in consumer shopping habits, you can now select and buy artwork online Australia wide, rather than from a shop front gallery or an auction house. With overseas shipping and handling costs being expensive and the high risk of damage, it is natural for consumers to seek out original artwork online Australia first before looking overseas. The plethora of Australian talent to choose from ensures you will find a home grown work you will connect with and love.


For the art lover or collector, it is getting harder to find works in the traditional retail settings. In May 2013 The Herald Sun reported that up to 30% of art galleries in Melbourne have closed down during the past two years with other capitals including Sydney, Perth and Adelaide also affected.

However in contrast online spending continues to rise. The NAB reported in the August 2013 monthly update that in the year to August 2013, Australians spent $14.2 billion on online retail. Roy Morgan research published in June 2013 points to a 12 per cent growth in online retail in the past year, with 50.3 per cent of Australian’s now shopping online in the three months before (March-June 2013).

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) in its research report: ‘E-commerce marketplace in Australia: Online Shopping’ revealed that the majority of online shoppers continue to buy from Australian websites, citing support of local industries as the leading reason. Those with incomes of over $150,000 were more likely to shop online. Convenience and price were identified as the main reasons for online shopping.

In 2004 conceived the phrase ‘Curated Consumption’. In an online world the amount of choice available, while convenient can be overwhelming. For this reason the trend is for consumers to seek experts to curate the world for them; in effect to identify the very best of what is available in a segment and present a curated range for to them to choose from in an accessible online platform.

Online Art Galleries are a perfect example of curated consumption. New York based Manhattan gallery owner Jen Bekman launched an online site for limited-edition prints in September 2007 which shipped more than 40,000 prints in its first year. Website filters over 500 characteristics to create a powerful search experience for uses to select works from leading galleries, museums and private collections around the world.


In Australia, online art gallery Art to Art is leading the market with the opportunity to buy artwork online Australia wide from a diverse selection of renowned and emerging Australian artists. Art to Art purposefully selects art works that utilise a variety of mediums to cater for an eclectic range of tastes. Art to Art curator Philippa Demase says, “Our strength is in finding the right piece for you and making it easy for you to choose. With our exclusive Art Insitu service you can provide us with a photo of your room and then see how any of our art works will look in your space without spending a cent.”

Online shopping is definitely here to stay and the opportunities to secure artwork online Australia wide from reputable and original artists is an exciting one.


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