Why to Buy Australian Indigenous Art?

Australian indigenous art is collected across the world. Those who buy indigenous art comment on the influences of style from art history found in indigenous art. Yet indigenous artists live in remote outback Australia, without television, movies, galleries or museums. Here are three parallels to popular art styles to assist you to buy Australian indigenous art.


Impressionism began in France in the 1860’s. Famous Impressionists are Monet, Degas, Renoir and Pissarro. Impressionists capture a feeling or experience of moving light and colour on surfaces and depict the ephemeral quality of life in the here and now. The images and subjects had modernity, especially the faster pace and improvements of daily life.




Polly Ngale is a widely exhibited Indigenous artist that intuitively utilises impressionism in her art. Polly is a senior custodian from the Utopia region in the Northern Territory and paints the Bush Plum (Anwekety) Dreaming. The bush plum is a sweet black berry with yellow seeds that grows only a few weeks of the year on a tangled, spiny shrub. The bark from the roots is medicinal for skin and eye conditions. Her works also draw from the knowledge of her ancestral journey. 

indigenous artNaïve Art is best known for a childlike simplicity in subject and technique, often produced by self-taught artists with little formal training. In French ‘naïve’ has Latin roots meaning natural and native. Naïve art is simple, fresh and spontaneous, bursting with colour, excitement and humour. However the artist uses painstaking detail to achieve a uniquely literal perspective of a tale, event, ritual, ceremony or landscape. Famous naïve painters are Henri Rousseau and Grandma Moses (her work ‘The Pond’ shown below), however naïve artists are found all over the world – in France, Africa, England, Eastern Europe, Russia, Israel, North and South America.

Dinny-Kemarre-KunothAnd in Australia as seen in the wonderful naïve artworks of Dinny Kunoth Kemarre. Dinny is renowned for his paintings of bush football and horse racing, in which he tells a story of modern Indigenous life in outback Australia. Bush football is popular in the Utopia region of Northern Territory where they emulate the AFL’s teams. The annual Harts Range Races is the subject for his horse racing paintings as seen in this engaging and entertaining art work.

artistArt Nouveau is a style of decorative art that uses intricate linear designs, curving lines and flowing organic shapes based on natural forms including plants and flowers. Art Nouveau originated in Europe in the late 19th century and literally means ‘new art’. Art Nouveau led to the Art Deco phase popular in the 20th Century. Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec was famous for his Moulin Rouge, Art Nouveau style and Gustav Klimt for his detailed floral paintings, such as ‘Farm Garden’ 1906 shown below.


495Native Australian flowers shown with an art nouveau undertone feature in the works of Indigenous artists Janice Clarke Kngwarreye and Lily Lion Kngwarrey who both belong to the traditional countries Ngkwarlerlanem and Arnkawenyerr. Janice’s Dreamtime stories are the sweet honey grevillea and the Alpeyt or acacia flower.

450Lily’s Indigenous art works have been exhibited around the world since 1977. She uses very fine dot work and delicate brush strokes with intricate shades of colour. Her Dreaming tells stories of the acacia flower, seeds and leaves. The seeds are ground into paste for making native bread.

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Benefits of Buying Paintings Online

To buy paintings online in Australia look first at online gallery Art to Art. Here you’ll discover a expertly curated collection of Australian artists whose artworks are displayed side by side, making your choice to buy paintings online easy and enjoyable. You can be new to art or adding to your collection, either way here are 10 reasons you will love to buy art from Art to Art.

AnAngelinDisguise_SarenDobkinsLR - $3200

  • You don’t have to be an expert

The team are there to help you with your quest to find the perfect art work for you. You are welcome to ask as many questions as you like until you are ready to make your purchase.

  • Accessible range of painting styles

Abstract, expressionist, Indigenous, oil, acrylic and mixed media paintings – at Art to Art you can compare them all and narrow your selection to a shortlist of favourites. Plus with more paintings being added every week, your shortlist will never be too short!

  • Convenience

Who has time to visit retail galleries? At Art to Art you can shop any time, any place – at home, at work, at a park or in a waiting room. Browsing art is a pleasurable pastime, especially if you can do it with your feet up on the couch.

  • Art InSitu© Personalised Service

Email a photo of your wall, the height (from roof to floor) and a list of the artworks you’d like to see and the unique Art InSitu© service will show you what art looks like in your own home or office.

  • Delivery

After you select your art, delivery costs will be advised within 24 hours and a secure door to door delivery of your art will be arranged for you. Art to Art delivers Australia wide and also to overseas addresses.


  • Certificate of Authenticity

A Certificate of Authenticity is official paperwork signed by the Artist that guarantees the piece is authentic plus forms an important part of the provenance of the work, ensuring that it will retain its value.

  • Guarantee

The Art to Art 100% money back, no questions asked guarantee provides you with peace of mind, that if you change your mind within 7 days, you can return the artwork for a full refund.

  • Art Education

Art can be appreciated by anyone. You don’t need to be an art critic or art historian to confidently select art you love. However if you want to learn more, the Art to Art Blog is a perfect place to start. It is updated frequently with great advice, artist bio’s and interesting arty articles.

  • Gift Vouchers

The gift of art is a wonderful experience for both the giver and the receiver. You can pool your friends to provide an Art to Art gift voucher for a special occasion or for that hard to buy for friend celebrating a milestone event.

  • A Lifelong Investment

Most original art will appreciate in value over time depending on when you are planning to sell it. However if you get constant enjoyment from living with your art then that is the ultimate return on investment.

Stepping-out-of-Shadows-SarenDobkins - $1500

So take the time to shop for art the modern way and buy paintings online. Australia boasts many talented artists and Art to Art provides an accessible website for you to buy paintings online from talented artists you would not usually encounter. Thanks for reading our 10 Reasons to buy original paintings online.

Why You Should Buy Art Online?

Three stories of four people who wanted to buy art and didn’t know how…


Alex is decorating his home and wants to buy art for his blank walls. A close friend has suggested that he buy affordable art online since he doesn’t have time to visit galleries and studios. Yet Alex is nervous. He doesn’t want to make a mistake or look foolish to his friend. Most of all he doesn’t want to be ripped off buying art online and end up with a cheap knock off. There are so many artists’ websites he likes but he can’t decide which pieces are right for him and his space.

Grace has always bought budget art from franchise stores. After two years it starts to fade or go out of fashion. Eventually it’s thrown out with the hard rubbish. Grace knows it’s wasteful and that she has spent more money in fifteen years buying cheap than if she had just purchased a few quality pieces that she would keep forever. She sees the beautiful art on home makeover shows and wishes she had the courage to make that larger investment.

Hank and Maria grew up in Australia and met each other at University. They graduated, got married and now live overseas. They have just shared the exciting news with their friends and family back home that they are expecting their first child and have bought a family home. They are nostalgic for some Australian art for their home, something that can be a family heirloom for their first born child. Their friends and relatives are asking what gifts they need as a house warming and they are thinking a contribution towards artwork would be perfect.

Thankfully they all found online art gallery Art to Art. On the Art to Art website there is a carefully curated range of artworks by reputable and credible Australian artists.

Browsing art online in the comfort of his home at night Alex found the Art to Art website and immediately felt captured by the graphic prints of Nicholas Goodwolf, a German born artist and with prints in collections around the world. He was able to buy four pieces within his budget and now has his eye on an original acrylic painting by artist John Cottrell.

Grace summoned her courage and contacted Art to Art about their Art InSitu© service. As Grace was telling her friends last week, it was so easy. All she had to do was email photos of her rooms, answer questions about her likes and dislikes and set her budget. Art to Art emailed her a choice of six artworks and examples of how they would look on her own walls, matched to her criteria. Choosing a piece she loved was even easier! Art to Art delivered them safely to her door and even provided hanging tips. Grace’s chose a Rosa Purbrick acrylic on linen. It is very restorative; she can lose herself in it for long moments at a time.


Maria’s mum went into action and organised a group gift voucher from Art to Art for Hank and Maria to buy art as they wished. They secured a wonderful piece by Indigenous Artist Kudditji Kngwarreye. The piece was shipped door to door with a Certificate of Authenticity and has pride of place in their foyer, where every visitor to the house is amazed by the colours and texture. They think they may have stared a trend among their American friends to buy art online from Art to Art.