Buy Original Vintage Posters Online To Adorn Your Home

Kathryn would like to buy an original vintage poster online, or maybe even two. She likes to keep up to date with modern styling and is loving the current trend to buy vintage posters in Australia.


Kathryn has a large art collection that she has built up over a decade. She has many paintings by Australian artists, established and emerging and she loves every piece – but there is always room for something new and different. However her work and family keep Kathryn busy and she doesn’t have the time to research, plan and extend her collection like she used to. She is very cautious of all the imitation poster copies that seem to be almost everywhere and is looking for a place she can trust to buy vintage posters online.

Phiippa Demase is the curator of online art gallery Art to Art. Philippa believes vintage posters look sensational in a home. “Vintage posters use incredible colours, designed to catch and entertain the eye. Posters vary in style and can be incorporated into any room. Kathryn can choose something graphic, geometrical and striking or she might like to select a piece that is playful and quirky.”

Vintage Artwork

“I think the Favor poster by Bellenger would be perfect for Kathryn. The graphic yellow, red and black would make a strong impact of colour in her kitchen. This is a quality original poster that will definitely appreciate in value and add substance to her existing art collection.”

Ben has expanded his marketing and design agency and moved into new offices. The foyer and boardroom areas need some key artworks to add impact and interest and Ben thinks that vintage posters would be ideal.

Philippa says original vintage posters are a perfect choice for Ben’s foyer. “I believe vintage posters are a recognisable art form just as much as a painting. In fact posters were the first time in history when art can be definitely linked to advertising. Vintage poster artists were so popular in France and Italy back in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s when the technique was developed that they became like celebrities. Each artist was known and sought out for their particular style. All this history makes vintage posters a natural fit for Ben’s business since each one has been hand crafted with an advertising brief in mind.”

Vintage Posters for Sale

“Ben has a diverse range to choose from. From the timeless elegance of the well-known Bally images to a more quirky lyrical style artists such as Savignac and Jean Colin. Choosing four to six different posters from a selection of artists is a perfect way to create a balanced collection with potential for good appreciation of value.”

“A large scale vintage poster has a lot of impact relative to the cost so you can choose more pieces because you get such fantastic value for money. In essence each poster is from a limited edition run and since they are no longer being produced, it means ultimately posters will retain their value and investment potential.”

Vintage Poster Australia

When you buy original vintage posters from Art to Art you receive a legitimate original. This means your poster is printed on or backed with quality linen and will not fade after a year or two. You can find the most popular vintage posters in Australia and they also stock vintage posters from lesser known artists for customers with more eclectic tastes. Their door to door delivery service ensures that when you buy vintage posters online all your needs are taken care of.


A Guide To Buy Original Artwork Online

It has become very popular to buy artwork online and if you want to buy original artwork there are many new terms to understand when comparing paintings and styles. You can buy artwork online in Australia from art gallery Art to Art, who can assist you with making the perfect selection. Let’s start with explaining three common art terms – contemporary, modern and abstract…

What is Contemporary Art?


“Epiphyllum Sunrise II” by Carmel Louise

Simply, contemporary means art that has been and continues to be created during our lifetimes. Therefore it is contemporary to us. For most art buyers of today this will mean any art created after the 1960’s – 1970’s.

Contemporary Art therefore covers all types of visual art and mediums. An example from the current decade is the experimental style of pattern making through photography and technology that is unique to artist Carmel Louise.

Contemporary painting can also expand beyond canvas. Byron Bay artist John Cottrell references nature and its processes in his work and often paints onto board as in the painting shown below.


Silver Seascape” by John Cottrell

What is Modern Art?

Modern Art is generally applied to art ranging from the Impressionists of the 1880’s through to the art created up to the 1960-70’s. Some art critics pull the start date forward to the end of the Impressionist period and some push the start date to include the Romanticism movement of the early 1800’s as the start of Modern Art. Whatever the range, the overall definition of Modern Art is the point at which artists felt free to trust and express inner vision in their work and in addition also use social issues from modern life as a subject matter for experimenting and innovating.

ned kelly

“Ned Kelly” 1946 by Sidney Nolan, National Galley of Australia, Canberra.

three women

“Three Women” 1907-08, Pablo Picasso











“Favor Portrait” Limited Edition Print, framed ready to hang from Art to Art.

Vintage Posters are an ideal and budget friendly way to collect modern art for your home in a contemporary form. Art to Art has a large range to select from.

What is Abstract Art?

Abstract Art is the use by the artist of a visual language consisting of shapes, forms, lines and colour to portray a subject matter without always providing a visual reference that can be recognised. However paradoxically most lovers of abstract art claim that when you let go of a defining an abstract piece and allow yourself to simply engage with it and explore the ‘feeling’ it creates in you, that is when the artwork becomes truly magic and can be fully appreciated.

Allow Art to Art to be your guide


“Ahead of the Curve” by Gabrielle Jones, available from Art to Art.










Vicki-WrigleyPart-24 Vicki-WrigleyPart-22







You can buy original artwork with confidence with the fully complimentary Art to Art Insitu© service. See how a shortlist of artworks will actually look displayed on a wall in your own room or office, simply by emailing a photo to Art to Art. When you buy artwork online they remove the guess work by cleverly inserting the artwork into your photo as it would be displayed. Which of the above examples would you have chosen? See more choices here:

A well-rounded art collection features a variety of artists and art techniques. With Art Insitu©, it becomes incredibly easy to buy artwork online in Australia.