How To Buy Artwork Online in Australia?

Every day more people are discovering Original art and looking to buy artwork online. Online art gallery Art to Art is making it very easy to buy artwork online. Australia is wealthy in the offering of exceptional artists, range of mediums and diversity of choice.

In this interview curator Philippa Demase explains how Art to Art evolved from a hobby to a thriving online business.


“Love and appreciation of art and design has always been central to my life. I love the idea that art can be anything you want it to be as long as it inspires you. I always find it such fun to walk into a home and discover the art and have an experience of – Wow, I didn’t expect to see that but I love it!

My journey to loving Original Art began in the early 1990’s when I cofounded a creative graphic design agency called Paper Stone Scissors (PSS) in Melbourne with well-known clients such as Peter Alexander, Bloom Cosmetics, Chadstone Shopping Centre, Tupperware and The Body Shop. Art directing all their catalogues gave me the confidence to identify the right look and fit, a skill I now use when selecting artists and artworks.

As a hobby I continued to add to my own art collection and then my friends began to ask me for advice. Up very late one night emailing off suggestions, I started thinking that there had to be an easier way. I needed a ‘place’ where I could put all the artworks I liked, that my friends could go to and see if they liked them too? This was the early thinking behind Art to Art.

More than simply helping clients choose art I found I wanted to impart confidence in their own ability. That was how my Art Insitu© service evolved. I would request photos of a client’s blank wall, then use design software to drop in the artworks they liked (plus add a few of my own suggestions) and email it all back to them. Taking their time to decide in the comfort of their own home, how each piece worked amongst their furniture and at the correct scale, took away the guess work and stress, and really made it fun.


In some cases it can take weeks to find the right piece but when it happens it’s an amazing feeling. I’ve learnt from my clients that what is more important than a disconnected art ‘expert’ is a person who loves art and gets what they love, sometimes for reasons they can’t actually explain. The moment when I see in my client that the connection is felt is very special.

I love that Art to Art is helping people become better at defining their own art preferences. I find that many people don’t want to risk choosing the wrong artwork so instead don’t choose at all. For others galleries can appear too intimidating to enter and they don’t appear at all child friendly. Plus who has the time! That’s where Art to Art is perfect.

I think it’s important to keep discovering and presenting new Australian artists that can be overlooked by galleries. I am inspired to think that the perfect artwork for you may be just a few days away.”


Art to Art online gallery offers you an accessible place to buy artwork online Australia wide. Original Art embodies magic and fascination and will give you a lifetime of enjoyment. How you connect to art and how it connects to you is very individual and personal and that still translates when you browse and buy artwork online. Art offers a rich gift of expression that you can go on enjoying forever. There’s nothing quite like it.


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