What Type of Art Sells Best in Australia?

The amount of art for sale is growing every year. The variety of original art for sale indicates how much Australians love buying art for sale Australia wide for investment and pure enjoyment.

The Australian art market really began in the 1960s as a tiny and elite group of collectors who saw Australian art as speculative investment. In the 1980s Colonial art saw a boom which ended at the time of the 1987 stock market crash. This was followed by the 2000s interest in Aboriginal dot painting and Australian late modernist painting. Overall consumer’s tastes have seen a rapid growth in maturity since the early 2000s.


Different Types of Art Sell in Different Places

Live auction sites EBay and Gray’s Online have become a medium for selling art for emerging and established artists as well as hobbyists (who can’t afford the high fees demanded by traditional shopfront galleries). Here you will find art for every taste and some artists make a reasonable income from their own mini stores.

Outdoor markets have always been popular in the warm Australian climate and this is where local artists are able to showcase works to both residents and tourists. The type of art that sells at markets usually reflects the local scenery and wildlife and is often found in the cafes, restaurants and hotels of the area.

A new and exciting alternative for buying art is via an online gallery like www.arttoart.com.au. This type of online store allows you to casually browse a large selection of styles and mediums from many different new and established Australian artists all in the one place. Bios of the artist enable you to connect the piece you are buying to the person who created it. With one click of the button you can see a myriad of artworks in your price bracket making purchasing of art, affordable and accessible for the first time. With the majority of the artworks already expertly framed, this gallery becomes a one-stop shop that meets all your needs.

What does it mean to be Australian?

Art that sells best in Australia are works that reflects what it is to be Australian. Themes of beach, country, inner city, lifestyle and freedom continue to be popular. Landscapes remain a favourite and it’s no secret that Australia has an affinity for the abstract and contemporary as well.

We are familiar with famous established names such as Russell Drysdale, Sidney Nolan, Ken Done, Norman Lindsey, and Albert Namatjira. At one time, notably during the 60’s to 80’s copies of their paintings could be found in most Australians homes.

Today’s art appreciator prefers to visit our National Art Galleries to see the actual pieces rather than purchase a cheaper copy which never really captures the essence of the original. The trend in buying original art for sale Australia wide for enjoyment and for investment is a consumer pattern that is here to stay.


The breadth of talent of modern Australian artists is staggering and their art for sale pieces are very accessible. Australian Artists with original art for sale currently causing interest include Dean Bowen, Carollyn O’Neil, Minnie Pwerle, Gabrielle Jones, Kudditji Kngwarreye and Saren Dobkins.

You are sure to discover the perfect pieces amongst these diverse works.


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